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This week I went into Manhattan for an appointment. I passed by an old, glorious house of worship. I could see the stained glass from the street. The sign said open to the public 12-2, so I decided to go in and pray.
As it turned out, it was a landmark temple. For me, our God is our God for everyone. I
Sadly, due to terrorist activities, I had to walk through a TSA-type scanner first.
Oh my! Such a very beautiful house of worship. I stayed a few minutes and prayed. Upon leaving, a woman asked me if I was going to stay for the tour. Due to my appointment I could not, but we had a delightful conversation during which I mentioned that in high school I had practiced Orthodox Judaism. I told the woman a belly-laugh true story; in my foster home, we were kosher. Kosher meant we had to have milk and meat dish sets and utensils in accordance with ‘not eating the cow with the mother’s milk’. When you are koshering many items, you want a very large pot to do so in in order to kosher as many items as possible at once. So! My job was to take the huge, heavy metal pot to a moving body of water, submerge the pot three times while reciting the appropriate prayer. Ok.

Well, what happens when a large metal pot fills with water during tide? I’ll tell you … the pot is dragged by the tide! With the first dip, bye bye Kathleen as my foster brother stood nearby hysterically laughing at me holding the pot handle while being dragged along with the pot. Finally, Gary helped me, and we were successful. It is a great memory.

I then told the woman I knew all the words to Hatikvah, the Israeli national anthem….then I sang it for her. Well, she was quite surprised at this very Irish girl knowing every word. She said, I think only our rabbi knows all the lyrics! Please come for service any Friday at 6pm, all are welcome. After January, I intend to attend service. Blessings are everywhere!


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