When a person calls you immature and obnoxious, it is unsettling and requires a self introspection. It also requires a look at from the source.

I am not beyond reproach. I make mistakes. I do like to be silly. Obnoxious? Well, that is a judgment statement.

The person who made the statement is an adult male of self-acclaimed accomplishment but in my view, it is average accomplishment as this person is over 60 and still seeking venture capitalists, still crying find-shortages and is a person of high- religious belief, which can often lead to judgment.

The person who was unkind to me, did so in response to a misunderstood comment to an adult protege. The comment was offering creative suggestions respectfully. Apparently, it was taken inaccurately, unfortunately, as a negative remark, which it was never the intention.

The person who followed up with personal attacks on my character is not perfect. Who is? I will not repeat his behavior by degrading his imperfections here as we are all doing our best.

I find it interesting, however, that a person purporting devout Christianity would believe it to be Christian and loving to pass judgment or attack another person’s character without knowing facts…. when this same person previously expressed interest in seeking your help in teaching their students how to emote. Apparently, at that time, the character assaults were not visible. Apparently, something is amiss. Apparently, I made an error and trusted a person who I thought was kind. I was wrong.

Intolerance is an ugly thing. Name-calling is uglier.

I choose to live and let live.

I follow my own path.

Let those who choose to label, judge, be unkind know that they are not, in fact, God, but mortal. Only God can judge.

I tell you with certainty… the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Live well friends and be kind.

Be kind. Do the best you can.

You know who you are.
I hope you find peace.

The Mosaic


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