Enter, Enter Through the Gate

Through the Gate”:
Enter enter through the gate
Come inside
Don’t be late

Let me play with you
Little girl
Let me see
Inside your world

Enter enter
Through the gate
My door is open
I can barely wait

Enter please
I cannot force
It’s your choice
Not really, of course

Bad man bad man
Bad am i
Calling little girls
To come on by

Calling you
And calling them
And you know better
Than to play with men

But enter enter
Through the gate
Perhaps a nice surprise awaits
Perhaps some candy
Games and fun
Perhaps I’m lying
Perhaps you’ll run

Not to worry
Let’s just see
Come inside
Be with me

Enter enter
Through the gate
My pants are tight
My crotch can’t wait

Come on now you little girl
Don’t be a brat
And ruin my world

Enter damn you
Through the gate
Enter bitch
It’s getting late
Enter now
Don’t make me come
Don’t make me get you
You come in now
Right through the gate
And close it hard
Behind you

You will not need
Once you enter

So enter enter
Through the gate
I’m the demon
Here I wait



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  1. That’s wicked…

    • Yes Stephanie – and that’s just what happens and happened to me. Wicked, wicked people out there 🙁
      Thanks for being a reader

  2. Interesting, took me back, way back…

    • Hi – thanks for being a reader. If it brought you “back”, it probably wasn’t a good memory…..like mine. I wish you peace

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