Let me please preface this post by acknowledging that few few few ppl will read through this post, upset their olroutine or give a crap. Actually, so very, very Americans DO NOT PAY ATTENTION
I do not care that I’m just one person. Paul Revere was one person. Rosa Parks was one person, John Lewis was one person. 

Oh no! Oh boy! She’s back. GOP Congress people have water and water and water down Bidens plan for rebuilding America’s infrastructure, even though these pieces of crap pay less in taxes than I do. And it’s kind of been tossed to the side because of “but I need my latte!?” but why are the invaders of the Capitol on January 6 many of them only charged with a misdemeanor? So I will tell you I am not shutting up. I tweeted every member of Congress who voted down the original Biden plan for the infrastructure. I am definitely going to follow up with Kamala Harris about the charges for misdemeanor, because she is a tough broad.


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