Today, I became aware that @#AndrewTreubig has taken me, Kathleen off public records as his mother.   DEVASTATED!?!   I spoke to an attorney to ask if his doing so was fraud.  I was informed it is not; one can list anyone they choose as relatives. 

I asked about Grandparents rights to see the child.  I learned, yes, it is doable … one thing required is to show you’ve had a relationship with the child.

I am seriously, truly exhausted on every level. 

I will continue with therapy to let him go.  I gave Alex all of my photos.  

I know for certain that this comes from @BriannaSticcoTreubig, who dislikes me immensely for reasons I do not know. 

I can no longer suffer or linger. 

I have tried every avenue I could think of.  

I have zero legal recourse.  



I have come to the end of the line.  I will leave it as he/they want it. 

I will try hard … and it will take time … to forget I have a son named Andrew with whom I enjoyed life TREMENDOUSLY.  

I will try to breathe, as I am devastated there would be so much vitriol against me.  If you knew me when my boys were in elementary and high school, you would absolutely agree … I was a really great Mom



For me, my oldest son has died, left the country, gone to war.. I don’t know.  He’s just gone. 


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