Do you like green eggs and ham?

No I don’t said Sam I am

Do you like your house a mess?

No I don’t

I get no rest

I’m ocd, I’m all aflutter

Out of sorts with all the clutter

Nothing’s where it’s supposed to be

Piles and piles

I don’t want to see

Week one passed

And now it’s two

I’m trying hard

It makes me blue

And dust

My lord

There’s so much dust

I clean it twice

But can keep up

So I sit day in and out

On the corner of the couch

I pretend it’s not there

I pretend I do not care

It’s a lie

Of course I care

And I’m all squirrely

Pulling my hair

Painting, painting

Oh that’s not all

After this

There’s more install

Monday comes the bathroom job


Get ready slob

More dust, more tracks throughout the house

Me and my dog

Curled on the couch

Pretending we don’t see or know

Thank goodness for the couch

It saves me so

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  1. Can’t find you on vimeo???

    • I’m off Vimeo….sorry

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