Being careful

Full of care

Not sure where I fit

Here or there

Don’t want to go

Don’t like to change

Don’t like my life

All rearranged

Don’t like this trepidation much

Don’t like he makes me lean on his crutch

Don’t like this

Don’t like that

Just be grateful

You’re just a brat


I’m not a brat

Just trying to breathe

Where’s the air

When did it leave

Must I ask for air from you

Must I ask before I do


Watching every step I take

Knowing that the bough can break

Knowing it’s casino spins

Knowing the house always wins

Knowing that if I’m careful

Shut my mouth

Watch and listen

Watch and save

Smile and glisten

Be nice and sweet

Just wait and see

Let it unfold

Just let it be


Maybe it will just work out itself

Maybe not

I’m on a shelf

I’m pretending

All is fine

I’m sitting here

I’m biding time



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