Busy Nest

My empty nest is now alive and robust. Toys, tunnels, bones, balls and random objects are scattered all about. The sign of curiosity is abundant with broken objects, fallen books and sudden alarming bangs.

We adopted an 8-week old kitten.

Ellie is an Uber vixen.
‘Ellie, No!’ She is uninterested in my instructions. I remove her from my desk continually while I’m working by picking her up, by squirting her. This started at least three weeks ago. She refuses to be told no. She does know that she is not allowed to do various things, such as walk on kitchen counters. She has knocked over things, broken things on my desk. No. So she sits atop a small file cabinet next to me. She has learned how to put her paw under the knob of the top small drawer and get it ajar. Then she will access my charging cords and bite. Time to move them. Ugh. She is smart and stubborn.

Gracie is quite the sibling. My Gracie girl is a 7 year old yellow Labrador. Much like humans, who as children find an inner pleasure when their sibling gets in trouble and not them, Gracie is all excited when Ellie is chastised. When Gracie hears me chastise or shout “Ellie!” she comes running. She tries to get Ellie. She wants to chase Ellie now. Now Ellie is mad. I have to tell Gracie to butt out and go inside. It’s like having two children. It keeps me engaged all day … they BOTH follow every moment when I am home. It’s so sweet but I’m afraid I’ll trip on Ellie.

The Odd Couple, Frick & Frack, Mutt and Jeff … they are always together because they both are compelled to follow me. So they’ve developed a nice bond. Ellie drinks from Gracie’s raised water bowl – even if Gracie is there eating from her food bowl aside. She’s a pip. Gracie is Uber mellow.

My empty nest was quiet when it was just us and Gracie. Ellie has brought in a new dynamic, spirit, gusto. Good karma. It’s not a quiet house now. There’s a mess every day but my house lives and breathes. Mmmmm


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