In the last week, at minimum, the Trump drama has escalated exponentially like a landslide, and the not-surprising but amusing thing is that all recent events slamming him ….putting Biden’s national ratings at 57% and Trump at 41% (last week’s polls…probably worse already). He looks in terrible health, and a tanning bed can’t fix this….and btw, holy smokes….saw Chris Christie on tv yesterday….he looks years older…it’s a devastating illness.
Anyway, just thought I’d say over coffee
Notice how silent Republican DC is. McConnell just may lose! But even the worst Republican politicians are now treating Trump as though he has the Spanish Flu
We all know. You reap what you sow
I chuckle at the mental image of Republicans fleeing DC…..BOTTLENECK

[photo for effect, not DC]


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  1. I hope you and your people are happy now

    • Thank you

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