I heard my name

The name she said yesterday with affection

The name she said followed by thank you and I love you

The name my friend of so many years called me

She called my name

And I came

I came to her aid

Every time she called

She is dying now

She is counting days

I am by her side

I help her

I help her meet the requirements by hospice

So that she can die in her home

I clean her home for days

Her hoarder home

I hear her call my name

And she thanks me

I visit her today

She screams my name

She screams and her face is ablaze

Her eyes are round and shouting too

She screams for me to get out

Get out of my house she says

She says my name again

And again

And again, she screams get out

I am confused

Ten years of friendship

We have never yelled at each other

She is screaming at me

I do not know why

She screams

I still own this house


Get out

Oh my

I leave

I walk to my car

I drive home

I sit in my car in the driveway

What just happened?


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