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PREPARATION….BE A GOOD PARENT! Please don’t leave your children confused, bewildered or a dang mess! I expect to live to my mid-70’s or perhaps a bit longer since I have lived and taken much better care of my health and fitness than my ancestors.  However, when our children are grown, our responsibility as parents is far from done in so very many ways. There is one aspect that many do not consider:  do not leave a home full of collected “crap”…your children honestly do not want every picture they made from 1st through 8th grade, etc.  I suggest, you weed your home as if you were moving or selling.  Save some precious things! And then. Then…do the work: If you have a Facebook account, you can appoint, via Facebook, a person to take over your account in the event you are incapacitated.  Choose a family member…this has zero to do with you will…this is to help your family! Tell the person: who the attorney, who your broker is, where your bank account is and how to access it (yes, give that person your passwords…so choose well!), give that person your safe-deposit info and key location, the name of your stock broker and your account number, your insurance policy numbers…. I don’t need to beleaguer it…. You can leave your family $10 million but if you don’t help them understand, what’s the point?


As for me?  Well, I’m very, very OCD…so, I have prepared…an itemized list of precisely what insurance company I have and the number/contact, broker info/account, etc., where their baptismal clothes are stored and sealed; that my will provides for cremation and that I sincerely want an IRISH style funeral aka celebration of a life with dancing and music..and fuck it…that is my wish…celebrate a life!  Oh, did I mention, I am a bit controlling…yes, I’ve prepared a CD of the music to be played….I’ve covered absolutely everything…dotted every “i” and crossed every “t”.  Because, I do know, it will be a difficult time, and I do not want to make it more difficult with looking for numbers, papers, who to contact, etc.  I have provided that to my sons.  Yes, it was an uncomfortable discussion, but they understood the importance because, dang, I raised them correctly.


I share this in the hope that others too, whom I know cherish their children will remember that leaving money is not enough.


Be blessed.


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  1. You have been, and always will be an inspiration to many Kat.

    • Thank you Dan… are a friend dear to my heart. Sincerely, all of your kind words are deeply appreciated xoxoxo

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