Humans have been and continue to be a pox to wildlife. Lord of the Flies behavior abounds.

Many years ago, I visited the only place in Europe I’ve ever been to … Spain. Spain is a beautiful country. I visited many lovely cities. My last city during my trip was to Madrid. I suppose I thought at the time that it was part of the cultural experience to go see a bullfight.

Well! Let me tell you. There is no fight. It’s simply a performance of attacks on an innocent animal. The bull is released into the ring. Secondary torredors taunt and tease the bull with as many as 7 men in the ring at once throwing spears into the bull’s hide. Then, the torredor comes out in extravagant regalia. The bullfighter flips his cape a few times and jabs the charging bull with short sharp spears into his head. This barbaric charade goes on for about 10 minutes with the bull becoming weaker but still trying to endure. Finally, the bullfighter jabs a spear in the final spot of the bull’s skull. The bull drops and begins to die.
Quickly, applause breaks out among the crowd. The secondary torreodors come into the ring followed by a Volkswagen Beetle. They tie the bull’s legs together and rope the bull to the car. Then, the car drives out of the ring dragging the bull while the crowd cheers.
I was beyond disgusted and upset. I immediately left.


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