Bad Cat

I’ve had a cat most of my life.  The last two cats I had were Isabel and Ripley.  Ripley was named after the main character in the movie Alien.  They were both exquisite Tonkinese cats with deep blue eyes.  They talked in a loud meow, were nocturnal knocking things over and pawing on my head at night.  Isabel liked to climb in the warm dryer with the clothes as I was taking them out to fold.  Ripley was a mush and a love muffin.  Isabel was naughty. Ripley was mink colored whereas Isabel was pure white.  They were stunning.   I had these cats for 5 years, and then I adopted Gracie.

I set up the house so that the cats could get accustomed to Gracie in their own time.  I gated Gracie off from the upstairs so that the cats would have their own space and moved their litter box upstairs.  I had a special box made where I kept their food so that I could leave their food out all day but Gracie could not reach her big face in there and bother them.

Gracie loves everyone and everything and has from day one.  Gracie was excited to meet the cats.  Ripley and Isabel were absolutely not interested in this creature in the house though Gracie was 2 months old.  They hissed and swatted at her.  They stayed away from her.  I thought, give it time.

Cats can be bitches.  Ripley and Isabel decided to show me their disdain and let me know they were quite pissed off about a week after Gracie moved in.  One or both of them peed all over my son’s mattress.  I had to throw away the mattress; replace it and keep the bedroom doors shut. But too late, I discovered that they had peed all over my other son’s bed too which I had to replace.  Now all the bedroom doors were kept closed.  My husband was furious.  He loves dogs but not cats.

I used to make Chris a big cup of tea to have when he came home from work.   One day before he came home from work he called me from the office all crabby and bitching and in an awful mood.  I decided to chill down the situation.  I took a Xanax, crushed it and put it in the tea.  When he got home, he asked me….did the cat pee in my tea? I nearly peed in my own pants.  Well, I know it must have tasted different, but I asked him….how or why would the cat climb up on the counter, squat over your cup and pee? He drank the tea and it was a quiet night.

Chris didn’t make me get rid of the cats despite the costly mattresses debacle.  But the cats were not finished and Gracie continued to whimper for the friends on the other side of the gate.

No, no, no.  Bitches.  Ripley and Isabel peed all over my cloth couch and my cloth reclining chair.  That’s it kids.  I’m done.

I took them to the pound with a huge cat tree. I made a large donation to the animal shelter and begged them to try to have the cats adopted together although they were not siblings, they were raised together.  I got a courtesy call, for which I am so grateful, from the shelter just two days later.  Ripley and Isabel had been adopted together.   That made my heart happy.   I miss them.

I’d still like to have a cat but Chris will never agree.   He’s had it with the pee.




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