Dear Representative Schiff:

i receive 2-3 emails a day.  Sadly, it appears you do not read responses.  

Immediately, please unsubscribe me!

I responded to an email you sent me with a great deal of information.     All of which including your text on Facebook trying to stir up some action. Now, though i’ve been thrilled with all your efforts, your non- response resulted in your repeatedly, close to harassment emails asking for

money disgust me. 

The following was my response.  Sad.  I offered to help.  Check my LinkedIn page.   You just tossed aside a brilliant person offering help.  Therefore, I will not cast my pearls before swine.  

My response:

i annoy Trump very much.  Why? Well AAA building owners had zero regard for him because he did zero for the city, while other owners formed the Association for the Betterment of NY, the Citizens Budget Commission. Organizations Trump did not belong to; those who did put lovely large extra trash pails around their buildings, worked really hard to keep the streets clean.  No. Trump only did anything that he got press and credit for. When the Wolman ice skating rink in Central Park was desperately in need of repair, Trump agreed to make the repairs if it were renamed Trump Rink.  So during the campaign I bugged him all the time..  I’d send him pics of size 0, IQ 140 and said, “you know I work for Mr Mendik, clearly I’m not stupid or ugly.  So capitulate … look up the word in the dictionary”

When he won, I took my flag off the 15 foot pole on the side of my driveway and hung it upside down. It be is not a disgrace to our flag.  It is a verified military signal..please excuse the vulgarity but it literally means “we’re in deep shot, get us the fuck outta here”. Go and verify my statement.  


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