You KKK dirtbags, white supremacists, haters, League of the South, Poor Boys…..let’s take a look at you……because I’ve supplied plenty of pictures of my 63 year old self, living at 40 Glattly Dr., Denville, NJ….I’m not at all like what you see. I grew up a welfare kid in a ghetto til I was orphaned. I’ve studied MMA and I box. So, I’m going to tell you about your hateful, malformed, pathetic selves….and I’ve provided the above information about me because I want you to know…..I am fearless. You want to come at me….no worries. One at a time or you’re a pussy. And! You must hit me first….I am therein legally entitled to pummel you….oh, and as a ghetto girl…I do fight very dirty, especially biting. I have no weapons…you bring a weapon…I’ll call the police and I’ll bear spray you.


You dirtbags think/thought that you had conquered something by invading the Capitol, disgracing objects of our Country’s history….which you ALL PROCLAIM TO LOVE (you airheads are always full of shit)….yeah, you ruined things were installed over a hundred years. And you scared the legislators still at work…..asinine group doesn’t even know if supporters of their point of view are among the frightened group….the group hid together…one lone police officer held you at bay a long time. He is a phenom. Now, if I wanted to get past something, I would not have been the pussies you all are….why? because NONE of you has a brain…you just believe each other’s bullshit. …..oh, just you know, a copy of this post is going to law enforcement….kissy, kissy, kissy. I bet you are a bunch of virgins with small genitals, touched by someone you didn’t want, had lots of drugs….and! oh the weapons and guns you kiddos must have….look at that big gun….mmm? Did that big gun just make your package bigger…bet you feel that way… you only have friends w/in these groups, bet you couldn’t take any academic test of any of kind….oh, yes, ghetto girl me got two merit scholarships. But how did I get out….Ooooooh, I will not tell.

I am on your ass. I am researching every possible venue (look the word up) for a way to change the judiciary rendering (look it up) wherein a bunch of assholes were merely charged with misdemeanors. Are you damn kidding? Not on my watch.

I am after you. I worked in a Park Ave, NYC law firm for 10 years. Dirtbags, I definitely, definitely know how to find out things. Yep, Ninja too….I’ll see you before you see me.

So just leave me alone as I go about my own process…..I will not contact you. I am telling you so you know that GODDAMN SOMEONE IN THIS COUNTRY SAID “NO” THIS IS BULLSHIT! And here it turns out to be some old broad from NJ.

It’s only a head’s up. Not a challenge. The personal information is provided in order that law enforcement, if needed, know that YOU know…because I do know you’d use or similar to find out details about me. I care not. I’m retired. I can do as I like all day….AND! since retiring, I’ve published 3 books! Yes little turds, I know what I am doing.

Now…..wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could just get along? Hmmmmm


Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict 

Pathways toward terrorism and genocideVolume 5, 2012 – Issue 1Submit an articleJournal homepage682Views3CrossRef citations to date0AltmetricEmpirical papers

Worst of the bad: Violent white supremacist groups and lethality

David J. Caspi ,Joshua D. Freilich &Steven M. ChermakPages 1-17 | Received 29 Feb 2012, Accepted 21 Mar 2012, Published online: 03 May 2012


This study uses Social Network Analysis (SNA) to examine a network of domestic white supremacist groups associated with one or more ideologically motivated homicides between 1990 and 2008. SNA has rarely been used to study domestic extremist and/or terrorist organizations. Prior research using SNA has focused on foreign individual members of terrorist networks like Al Qaeda. This project begins to fill gaps in the literature by analyzing whether group role/location within this white supremacist group network is associated with greater levels of lethality. We find that the network is decentralized but ideologically integrated. Groups centrally located in the network are associated with more deaths. The study provides a foundation for future research investigating the connection between network location and lethality, the evolution of dangerous networks over time, and lone-wolf ties to the larger white supremacist movement.


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  1. Hi Kat. I cant tell you how much i regret my behavior and political comments from 2 years ago. I wish i could undo and unsay my comments. But, Whats done is done. I consider myself fortunate to have access to you on tiktok, and youtube. Vimeo was fun while it lasted. I think your an amazing woman, with so many talents. (most of which are greatly underappreciated) In this post you talk about the KKK and white supremacy. I hope you know, at least in my case… That while i consider myself a conservative republican. I am NOT a racist as many on “the left” seem to see us as. I loathe the concept of the “right” and “left” we shouldn’t be grouped into political ideals, rather than just humans sharing the earth trying to be kind to one another and live a peaceful life. (with a little bit of kink and burlesque thrown in) That, being said. Im incredibly thrilled that i learned how to download videos from youtube. I am fortunate enough to have several of yours that have since been deleted. You make me smile. (amongst other things) This is the only place i know of to send you a direct message. Have a wonderful day and week. XO Dan

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