American Heroes

THE USO IS A NON-PARTISAN ORGANIZATION. Their motto is ‘until everyone comes home’. I only know this because I donate to them and was sent an email notification. Please, $20 is great – give to the USO!

About 8-9 years ago, I called the USO NYC office and asked what the deployed soldiers needed. They gave me a list…. Afghanistan was hot literally and figuratively. They gave me an Afghani address to send care packages to. I wrote on my town website that I would be making care packages for the soldiers,and listed what was needed…BATTERIES! Chapstick, wipes, toothpaste, toothbrushes and more. I ask on the town website to drop at my front door or I’d be glad to pick it up. When it was all put together – I HAD 80 BOXES. 80…and it was expensive to send. Who cares…what could be more important than letting a soldier they are remembered and supported?

In the letter the USO sent me was a sentence “we are here for you when you come home”, and it upset me, as always, too much. Who was here for the Vietnam Soldiers upon return? NO ONE! AND NOT THE COUNTRY OR GOVERNMENT. They were pariahs. Yet, these soldiers had seen the guy next to him slowly die because half his leg was blown off, they saw children throw grenades, and to follow orders, they did such awful things that it was hard to look in the mirror….and NOT ONE DANG AMERICAN TALKED ABOUT IT. Finally, by the grace of God, the Vietnam Wall was erected…I’ve been there 3x and cry each time I see someone etching a name onto papers, a biker with his head on the wall crying.

What America did and did not do for Vietnam is akin to the travesty done to America by Trump.

Please give anything if you can. $20?? These are 20-early 30’s men and women, whose families are tarried.

Do not please let this be another Vietnam

Give…or send some toothpaste.

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