A Story From Yesterday

This is a story I wrote from a story told to me: A story from yesterday…my Friend’s story:

I have a dear friend whom I’ve never met. He and I both wake at 3:30-4:00 am, and we exchange morning texts of greetings and good wishes. Sometimes we chat and share stories. My friend lives in Florida where he retired. He is originally from New York. We met through a Facebook group.

Friend shared this one personal story with me .. and I encouraged him to start to write the stories down as they are so iconic and create great mental images while warming the heart. Ah, it’s been a while, and I have not seen him post his story.

Friend was 19 and back in the States on leave from the military in Vietnam. He was in New Jersey needing to get up north in New York to surprise his parents with his visit. Alas, a young soldier has little cash. In those days, hitchhiking was common. Friend decided to hitchhike home.

While wearing his army uniform he walked to the Palisades Interstate Parkway and put out his thumb. Soon a NJ State Trooper pulled over next to Friend. Oh boy thought Friend – trouble. The Trooper rolled down his window. “Where you headed son?”

Friend was surprised and responded. The Trooper said, hop in, I’ll take you to the New York border. Friend was so grateful and reached for the backdoor handle. The Trooper said, sit up front with me son.

As they drove on the Parkway , the Trooper made a radio call that amazed my Friend….The NJ State Trooper radioed a NY State Trooper and explained his passenger. When the Trooper arrived at the New York border, there was a New York State Trooper waiting for Friend!!

Friend thanked Trooper #1 and got in car #2. The NYS Trooper drove Friend the many many miles north to his parents home, down the suburban streets and into their driveway.

Friend’s parents did not know Friend was on leave. He was going to surprise them with his visit. However, now his parents only see a NY State Trooper pulling into their driveway…when lo and behold…out walks their beloved son.

I love everything about this story. It is as it should be.Today, as Americans battle and argue among each other about politics and our President, it is ever important to remember that American soldiers are currently away from their families and the safety of their homeland; a soldier must follow orders and does not have the privilege of having a political stance while in service, they simply do their job. Let us be grateful always to those who serve and give thanks. I am grateful to be an American.


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