A Smalls Story

A Smalls Story

Another great day with Smalls. We’re becoming buddies

I mean, it’s harmless to ask….so today I asked.
I asked Bergen Equestrian director if the Center would be willing to sell me my best buddy Smalls. I’ve become so attached to this wonderful creature…a creature like me.
Smalls is owned by the Center, which is owned by the County. Smalls is 15 years old. I’d like Smalls to have an owner. I’d board him at the Center and allow others to ride him because he really enjoys the interaction.
She said…..yes! We can definitely talk about it.
I have no clue as to any of the costs so this could be a moot inquiry….but, you never know til you ask ☺️ Look at you
My beautiful friend
Look look look
The spirit circle of all living things
Sees you
Bows to you
Muscle upon muscle
Gentle giant
Fierce strong kind loving
Look look
Our eyes meet
I see you looking past my eyes
Looking into my soul
I look at you and try to hear you
Hear your thoughts
Lay myself on you
Be one with you
Take me with you
Together let’s ride away

I am learning a lot about horse behavior and communication. I saw firsthand that ‘ears back’ means the horse is ticked off when Smalls was protective of me when he thought another horse was getting too close; Smalls bucked at the other horse with his ears flat back. Last week, I rode a smaller horse (not small, just smaller than Smalls) who was in the holding pen ready for the arena. I knew Hudson was my horse for the lesson according to the chart while i waited for my instructor. Hudson was new to me. Beautiful golden boy. I talked to him. Hudson kept chomping his bit, stomping his front foot and neighing. When my instructor arrived, I told her, I think Hudson is ticked off, and told her why. She informed me that all of his behavior was displaying boredom and his way of saying ‘let’s go, let’s get out and play’. Knowledge is an awesome thing! Hudson and I had a great time! 🙂

“I arrive at the stables early before my lesson with fresh cut up apples and carrots, with a separate bag of peppermints. I feed everyone who is permitted treats. After months, the crew knows me. I take delight in their sticking out their heads to greet me. I love when a horse I’ve just fed starts kicking and banging his stall “give me more”. I brought a friend once and she was alarmed by the kicking. I said no, that’s communicating. It’s wonderful.


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