A Girl’s Gotta Do What She Can

A Girl’s Gotta Do What She Can

Ah, what a man doesn’t know! Let me let YOU in on a few secrets of MINE….and I am absolutely certain that I am NOT the only woman who does this.

As a full-time homemaker, I receive a weekly budget which needs to cover the household needs including things such as groceries, drug store items, dry cleaning, pet food, miscellaneous and the rest is for things I might need such as manicures or grooming. If there’s anything left, I save it for shopping…clothes, shoes, gifts.

Well, that budget doesn’t go very far regardless of how frugal and careful one can be. But a girl can be pretty tricky. My budget allows me to debit my grocery and drug store purchases. Hmmmmm….now how can I maximize that to my benefit. Aha! Let me get $40 cash back each time I shop! Bravo! Yes! I do it! I’ve been doing it for years.

Well, what about the things I purchase? Hmmm……let’s see…..I buy a pair of shoes. I tell the salesgirl, I’ll take the shoes but just put the shoes in a bag and keep the box. You see, if I take home the box, then there is a box in the trash at home which is an automatic red flag that I’ve been shopping. NO NO NO! Not on this smart cookie’s watch. Keep the box at the store!

Hmmmm, dear, is that a new dress? What do I say? NO! Darn it! You never pay attention to what I wear! I’ve had this dress for years. Chagrin….oh.

As I said, a girl’s gotta do what she can.14681606_363894377281904_5041668949487111302_n


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