A Chinatown Story

Chinatown in NYC is a place of color and shadow…the shadow is intentional…. the shadows are a subtle but clear reminder to those who are not Chinese that you do not belong here; this is not your place and that you are being watched….and yes, if you are not Chinese, eyes are upon you as the stranger while you are in Chinatown.

This is Doyers Street.  The Street curves and can be entered from two different avenues.  It was once known as the most dangerous street in NYC.  Vicious, rival gangs in Chinatown would enter from either end of the street intending to rumble and fight in the middle; neither gang knew how many or what they would find in the middle.

The Chinese people gather in this park daily.  This park sits atop what was once the precise point of the Five Points…as told in the movie Gangs of New York; the book Paradise Alley, the days of Tammany Hall.

The men do not socialize with the women as is the cultural norm.  There also seems to be a hierarchy as to who gets to sit at the table and play.







One has to be stealth to get a photo of a Chinese chef; they do not like to have their photo taken and, if they see you taken their photo will do any of a number of things including throw food at you, curse at you, give you the finger or just go inside.



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