My Middle Name is Drama, Dang It!

My midname is drama even when I’m doing the most innocent thing. Ugh. I called port authority at GWB to find out rules for walking on bridge-lots of people actually commute to work via bicycle over bridge. So I got info and where to park to then walk to entrance. Well I couldn’t find either, but I saw a Fort Lee cop and asked. He was helpful and showed me where to park. But I had been driving around and around Fort Lee looking for the spot that when I parked, I apparently, stupidly didn’t make mental notes where I was parked. I had such a glorious glorious time on the bridge!! I walked 1/2 way on upper level and took pics. Ugh. Then 1 hour of walking looking for car. Finally took Uber home. Called Fort Lee police to see if had been towed. No.
Ok.  Back to Uber and I tell the very nice driver my situation and that I’m scared to death to piss offer my husband and I needed to get home before him. Ugh.
Hallelujah. Took only 15 minutes for Uber to find my car. Phew!
So, I called u once I got in car because I just had to share w someone the craziness. Anyway, I did tell Chris and he said he would not have been mad but I’m a nut. Here are some of the pics.  I didn’t make them black and white. It was just gray and gloomy.


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