59 and Absolutely Fine

Life is good, and I am quite blessed… I acknowledge it and am so grateful. Monday is my 59th!!! birthday. Omg!! I made it this far! How I survived the gauntlets laid, the gauntlets I MADE! It’s mind-boggling. I am fabulously completely healthy despite never having received my childhood immunizations. I’m as strong as I was at 30 though my endurance is less, I admit that – but it is my fault for sitting on the couch for 3 years. I no longer do that. I am journeyed and still journey, still discovering, meeting new people, having new experiences, edging my foot a bit further. Catch my breath!
Wednesday I will be going to a “gentlemen’s club”‘aka stripper club where my friend’s friend works. My friend is extremely trustworthy. My gf, just friends, and I are going to bring our singles and treat the lovely ladies right. Time to just have girl time. Easy to ignore any men there.
Friday I fly to Boston. Check into the hotel ; 7pm front row center … for the first time in my life at a rock show except my photographing John Mellencamp. Front and center with a dear friend who lives outside of Boston. Amazing amazing Halsey!!! Staying for the weekend.
Fifties has been one helluva ride. Beat my ass good.
I am the Phoenix.
Bring it.
Turn up the music first



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  1. Happy birthday, sounds like you are laying the groundwork for an even amazing new year

    • Thank you ☺️

  2. Beauty personified

    • Thank you!

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