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October 17, 2020

Hero Zach

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I’m not Zach  I’m not a hero I’m not the amazing hero body on the field I’m not the one who could fight the yield  I’m not Zach  hero I’m older Used and abused  By my own hands Trashed and torn  Again and again Falling  Falling  This time I could not get up I’m not Zach Fading dammit Me Not Zach Always winning  Always got your back Knew him  Knew…


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Get in step Get in line Move in quick  It is my time


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Here and there when I needed it I imagined that the family  that marked me an outlier  beneath  ignorant  in drunken stupors befuddled with schemes to steal from the government  and I didn’t want to belong to it lonely very lonely  very unloving of anything but my mind I realized it was not me It was them that helps none 55 years later I am still the over-informed outlier sucking…


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The toxic crazy in my head sits in quiet  waiting 


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In the last week, at minimum, the Trump drama has escalated exponentially like a landslide, and the not-surprising but amusing thing is that all recent events slamming him ….putting Biden’s national ratings at 57% and Trump at 41% (last week’s polls…probably worse already). He looks in terrible health, and a tanning bed can’t fix this….and btw, holy smokes….saw Chris Christie on tv yesterday….he looks years older…it’s a devastating illness. Anyway,…