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February 4, 2020

Gracie and Smalls

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I’ve started horseback riding lessons. I’m blessed to have the county stables here in my own town! I’ve been riding the most wonderful gentle giant….Smalls! Who the heck named this 2500 lb horse Smalls? Sense of humor? Smalls is absolutely loving, intuitive, kind and amazing. He looks past my eyes and into my soul. I took my dog Gracie, my first love, to meet the horses at the stable, and…

Let’s Visit Manhattan!

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I get around: Welcome to NYC!….Oh!, The Places You Will Go! I am Kathleen, and I have loved and enjoyed so very many aspects of New York City including restaurants, hotels, rooftops, museums and various neighborhood people watching! I would love to share my favorite place – NYC – with you …. or, find what suits you best, what you are looking for or to answer any questions. I have…

Something Lost

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He packed his shitHe listened learnedGot on the planeLanded on earth burnedHe thought he was prepared and readyHe arrived with weaponsHis hands were steadyHe knew his family home loved himHe had a piece of peaceNo time to settleNo time to lookNo time to ask a nameGet upGet outMove onMove quickA blast a shatterFlamesIt’s not just himIt’s him and him and her and her and himThe family’s are far awayThey huddle…