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September 1, 2019


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Who said rules Who said follow  Surely not a one who swallows  Who said once Who said twice I’m not the girl You call so nice I say more On the floor  I say again I do say please  I am willing  To get on my knees Who said Who said Really don’t care I’m myself  I’m the flair I’m the rose in your lapel I’m the one not under…

Just Shut Up

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Why I ask Am I this way  Why I ask Afar from the fray Why the face Why the look Why the stare It’s my hook Hook me in Hook myself  Hook and put me On a shelf  Why I wonder  Often not Often going Caring not Was I dropped  On the floor As a child  Crying more Perhaps a twisted gene or two Perhaps my journey  Nothing new Why …

Say hello!

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Here I am…March 2019 Just chilling and rolling with life.

The Asin

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The crowd stood round A crowd stood still  The crowd was watching  Doing nil The faces names were not quite known They stood and watched  And held their phones The chaos inside the circle grew The crowd yelled boo But conflict grew The battered boxer Held his place The crowd threw garbage in his face The crowd the crowd Anonymous faces Getting mean Growing fiercer  Boxer boxer Leave the ring…

Just today

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No tomorrow  Just today All the rest Just goes away Just today Just a chance Just a dream Just a glance No tomorrow  Tomorrow’s gone Like the climate  Burned gone long Not before It was so bad Ate the love Built the bad Just today Just one love Just a prayer  From above  Just today No promise made No lies to hear No more betrayed  Just today in my song…