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September 2018

My Middle Name is Drama, Dang It!

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My midname is drama even when I’m doing the most innocent thing. Ugh. I called port authority at GWB to find out rules for walking on bridge-lots of people actually commute to work via bicycle over bridge. So I got info and where to park to then walk to entrance. Well I couldn’t find either, but I saw a Fort Lee cop and asked. He was helpful and showed me…


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JUST BROKEN – THAT’S ENOUGH TO KNOW it’s not liquor  Drugs Substances It’s me People should avoid damaged people  We can’t fix ourselves  We don’t understand what broke When it broke Why it was broken  We don’t even remember all the tank shots that hit us It’s a body\mind way of trying to protect s From the worst  The worst Too horrible to bring up Leave it It’s always there…