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April 2018


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The Injury  I broke herself. Of course, when I breaks myself, I do it to the maximum degree, and causes a great deal of damage. April 1st, I was walking along the edge of the retaining wall in my backyard. The wall is 5 feet high. I tried to get a particular shot, lost my balance taking photos of the little buds coming out on the trees falling onto the…

Climbing the Tree

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Climbing a tree Looking for a strong lower branch To jump Jump Jump For a very good grab Grabbing with arms Wrapped around the strong branch Must hurry  Arms are not as strong as legs And Soft back swing of legs Pull in stomach  Throw  Throw those long legs up And pull Grab the branch  Legs and arms In the Tree now Now Now Now ready To learn the Tree…

The Steel in Her Eye

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The Steel in Her Eye   I have no defensible excuse for myself. From the age of about seven to the age of about 10, I was a little terrorist to my younger sister, my Irish twin at 11 months younger than me. I was my grandmother‘s favorite; while I was also the first grandchild. I was very smart. I got excellent grades in school, and I moved to honor…