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October 25, 2017

My Ellie

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We rescued Ellie from a kill shelter when she was 8 weeks old; she’s 4 months old now.  She’s very naughty due to her curiousity.  We adore her.  She is wonderful company to our 6 year old lab Gracie


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Most choices we make are pebbles in a pond. We live alone in our minds, but in life, we share ourselves with others, with the regular checkout woman you say hello to at the supermarket, to your pet who just wants you, to the person who you didn’t know you were a secret hero to, to those who remember a moment etched in their memory spent with you .. and…

The Hole

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I live in a hole You do too You don’t live in my hole I don’t know your hole My hole Is mine I don’t ever show anyone It’s a well No sides Deep And the sun passes Over my hole For a few hours Everyday Then I forget I’m in a hole And I dance and the sun passes But I’m still throbbing And elated And I’m lucky Because…

It Falls

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It falls The cream was $1800 But it falls The operation was successful But it falls The dose of Botox? Nope That crease said, not leaving, gave it It falls Rub the face with a needlepoint pincher Then retinal-A Then run rub rub The laser on your neck It’s red And rub rub rub Cream into the neck It falls It just falls For an Irish girl I staved it…