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April 2017


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Several years ago we were on a family ski trip at The Fairmont in Montreal (yes, I skied the exact TINY slope on which Miranda Richardson fell, hit her head and later died – it’s the bottom of a green/easy/beginner trail that takes you the “ski-in, ski-out” facelift Fairmont. The slope angle is minute. HOWEVER!! The trail is thin ice over rock hard (like granite) stone. Just under the surface….

The Dying Game

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The Dying Game Will you play The Dying Game Will you wait to hear your name Watching as the circles nears Watching watching all your fears One then two then three and four Friends and family die off before Before we’re ready, before we grip The Dying Game is just life’s trip   Aging aging aging more The Dying Game Grows evermore The Dying Game is not much fun Most…


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We have lived beyond our means Spent our money on ripped jeans Bought and spent and gifted shopped Knew the labyrinth of the mall; walked and walked til I dropped Gave to causes, charities, needs Did our best to do good deeds Paid for college for all our kids Bought each a car; a start to live Now the house is empty save for us Now the bedrooms gather dust…


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Ravel Ravel ravel Unravel the knit Pull out the weave A long yarn lay split Long time woven With time and days Experiences, family Growing, dances, plays Santa, college, graduation Now we’re here This situation Unravel years The pile is large Of unwoven yarn Of years so large Unwoven yarn Is nothing on the floor And where are the memories The joy Before The knitting’s done Forgot the weave Getting…

Mirror Mirror Go Away

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I have become a caricature of myself Of the many personas I try on In a blender And I see Gloria Swanson in the mirror now I see a bad drag queen I seem to have fallen into a hole while I was walking in life I wasn’t like this yesterday Where did I go Is this permanent It’s a monster I don’t like it/her I’m ok When I don’t…