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March 2017


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Remember who I used to be Integral to family Planner, cleaner, cook, teacher, nurse Remembering birthdays, holidays and such Remember when I hosted parties In the pool with family and friends Remember when we had to run When rain came down, we thought it’d never end Remember when I sat up all night Next to your cough Next to your wheeze Next to you Next to you Squeeze Pat Pat…


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  I was in my second foster home.  I really wanted to make this foster home work.  The first foster home was a disaster with a witch of a foster mother with her duplicitous holy-roller lying bullshit.  From there, I was sent to a group home; which I liked but the local school system was horrible, and I did care about my education. When I was sent to interview with…


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Careful   Being careful Full of care Not sure where I fit Here or there Don’t want to go Don’t like to change Don’t like my life All rearranged Don’t like this trepidation much Don’t like he makes me lean on his crutch Don’t like this Don’t like that Just be grateful You’re just a brat   I’m not a brat Just trying to breathe Where’s the air When did…


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Shadow I did not walk in the shadow Hmmmm Silly Naïve girl   I walked in the open with my illegal item Into the store The store for weed supplies The shadow store   And carried my bong bowl Too dirty Not old But I couldn’t get it clean And I needed to make sure A replacement would fit the bong   It was in a ziplocked bag In my…