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November 15, 2016

The John Lennon Memorial

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The John Lennon Memorial in Central Park….this plaque is in the Memorial. The Memorial is in the shape of a tear drop, as requested by Yoko Ono, which is noticeable from the air. The section of Central Park that is dedicated to John Lennon was purchased for commission as a memorial with donated funds including those from the countries on this plaque which were part of the UN at the…

Bad Cat

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I’ve had a cat most of my life.  The last two cats I had were Isabel and Ripley.  Ripley was named after the main character in the movie Alien.  They were both exquisite Tonkinese cats with deep blue eyes.  They talked in a loud meow, were nocturnal knocking things over and pawing on my head at night.  Isabel liked to climb in the warm dryer with the clothes as I…

Boat Crunch

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My niece Emily and I have always been very close.  From the day Emily was born she was happy and smiling.  Emily’s mom Jane was happy to share Emily with me as much as I wanted.  When Emily was born I was in my late 20’s and married to my now ex-husband Eric.  At that time Eric and I spent most spring and summer weekends in Nyack on the boat…