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November 11, 2016

Lost Holidays

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Lost Holidays When I was growing up life was hard. My mother, myself and two younger sisters were on welfare, and my mother was an alcoholic who very often put us in dangerous situations, brought her men home, passed out and the men came visiting my bedroom. But we celebrated holidays. I remember our holidays. We always, always had Thanksgiving at Grandma’s house, which was often the only time I…

OMG Trump!

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So trump says ‘no obamacare’ Where’s his plan It’s not there And trump says We’ll build a wall Where’s the money We’re broke That’s all Oh I forgot He borrows borrows He forgets There’s still tomorrow Tomorrow when you have to pay For things you bought, promised today So trump says No more roe v wade No more abortion He’s boss of the vagina He says it’s ‘mina’ But listen…