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September 2, 2016

The Gloom

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The mood walks in I’m cheerful, up Hello sweetheart How was your day No answer Mm I know this tune He reads the mail Mumbles this and that But when I say “what” There’s no answer back It sucks when he’s like this It’s 3 days now Bipolar swings Knock me out Ka-Pow Won’t take the meds He likes the highs It’s his body, life..who am I To tell him…

Curiosity Killed the Cat

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Curiosity killed the cat That may be true, I’ve heard all that But there’s another that whacks the feline Her impatience, can’t wait for time Irritated, bristled, rattled, hurry up What’s the problem Please shut up Why are people so darn slow Kitty’s on the move, let’s go, let’s go Sh sh sh don’t say it outloud For them to hear Kitty quiet Patience dear Don’t isolate by being brusque…

Sometimes Friend

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Hey hey you my sometimes friend Here we are using us again Is it you Is it me Nice girls, us I’m your best best friend Sure Let’s watch it again and again When you need me I’m right here When you don’t No word, no call Where are you dear My sometimes friend Are you real I know you tell me how you feel You never ask What’s new…


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Creeper creeper Comes in my room Likes little girls Slips in my bed Make some room   Nope When I was 5 And still so small A creeper came And took my innocence Left me to fall   So creeper creeper Now I’m 8 Now I’m 9 10, 11, 12 You’re my mother’s boyfriend Get away you men Cuz telling Mom won’t get me help So I will gladly help…