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June 2016

I Live in The Secrets

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The Secrets I live in the secrets The secrets become a thing A place Another country A closet A corner The secrets are fluid And change shape I live in the secrets And I’m so many people To him, to her, to you and you And them and those The chameleon All with my different secrets From one another I look in the mirror Get pretty Surface Do a good…

….she had to go

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…she had to go so she did in the night alone and it would be alright…

The Walk Among Us

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They Walk Among Us I share with you with what I see, feel and experience …. but I share this with caution…. I am deeply rooted in my faith.  I trust my gut, and I believe that is where God speaks to me, if I listen. I have spirits that occasionally visit or pass through my house.  All, ALL OF THEM ARE GOOD, HARMLESS, CURIOUS OR JUST LOST….except one.   I’ll…

Blood Means Nothing

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Blood Means Nothing February, 2013 my husband and I took a trip to Belize.  This was a big deal; Chris does NOT like to travel to foreign countries.  He will accept travel to the Caribbean but he is trepidatious about other countries; politics, “banditos”, bad water, food viruses and a litany of reasons.  However, he agreed to this trip to Belize.  Belize was gorgeous.  We were there for two days…

Run Girl Run

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she had to go….and so she did


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How’d you’d get to jail? A fucking cop How’d you get nailed A fucking cop You meet a lawyer? Yeah You meet a Judge? Yeah You slept in jail? Yeah How’d you’d get to jail? A fucking cop How’d you get nailed A fucking cop …you meet a cop? be sweet be nice, polite and and neat and sir or ma’am, and thank you , please ..and yes, I’m nearly…