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June 29, 2016


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God did not give me any daughters He gave me boys His interesting choice I grew with sisters And mom alone No boys or men In my childhood home But God always knows And has a plan Even when we don’t Understand But I never regretted Not having girls My boys were everything Filled my world With fun and farts And snot and jokes And pushing, shoving Bossy blokes Tents,…

My Sister’s Next Journey

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At age 52 my dear sister MaryAnn prepares to leave Long Island, New York for good to move to Arizona. MaryAnn has lived on Long Island all of her life. MaryAnn has visited my sister Colleen, age 55, who lives in Arizona many times and she loves it there. MaryAnn loves the beaches of Long Island. Every spare opportunity, you’ll find MaryAnn at the beach. I think that will be…

You Have Yourself….And That’s It

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I have been an “it” girl in Manhattan among different groups; I have had the privilege to work in the upper, upper echelons of New York City’s Madison & Park Avenues.   At the end of the day, when you take off your make-up, your high heels, your jewelry, your fancy clothes; when you stop dancing, dancing, dancing….all of the fans, all of supporters start falling away like toy soldiers…