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June 28, 2016

You Can Be Loved and Not Liked

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I have come to learn….yes, I’m still learning….as we all should until we take our last breath….that a person can be loved, or love someone, but not like them.  This has happened to me recently.  My own son has decided that he does not care for me or my behavior….or what….I’m not sure….perhaps he is not driving the bus, perhaps it is his fiance….if not now, she will certainly be…

God Bless Our Military – Give Thanks!

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I am so very grateful for my freedom, for my safety here in the USA. Thank a vet, thank a soldier; remember their tremendous sacrifice. Remember that we are still at war; American boots are still on the ground on foreign soil in many countries.  Hang an American Flag in front of your house.  And never apologize for being patriotic.  God Bless Our Military and the USA

It’s Coming

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      I’ve taken time, detail and effort to get exact posts, airline bookings, etc. to create a true chronology of events between June 4-June 20. I will be posting a full story soon of my drama.  And I’m sorry. And I’m grateful to be alive.