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June 25, 2016


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Changes – Moth My house went on the market 3 weeks ago. My husband has wanted to sell for years. Not me. The only reason I relented and let him put him my HOME .. not house .. on the market was my unsettled state of mind due to the deep wound in my heart from recent events with my son … my heart, my stallion, my gentleman and success…

Out of The Trap

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  From “Monkeytraps” by Steve Hauptman Want to trap a monkey? Try this: Find a bottle with a narrow neck. Drop a banana into it. Leave the bottle where the monkey can find it. Wait. The monkey will do the rest. He’ll come along, smell the banana, reach in to grab to grab it. Then find he can’t pull it out because the bottleneck is too small. He can free…

Making My Way

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