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June 8, 2016

I Loved Him Too Much

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I loved him too much And that was my sin I basked in his smile Melt inĀ  his grin He slept next to me Warm and breathing deep as he slept So small at the time I just laid there and watched   I sang him to sleep Night after night Played so many games Read books 20 times Saw the same movie Again and again Held all his guys…

Lot’s Wife

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Lot’s Wife I do not understand why I have been born With words and music As my solace Also, my happy place And I don’t know why At 57 I’m not supposed to feel the music But rather sit And clean up And, please be quiet ..I’m not interested in your day …everyone’s tied They go to separate rooms During the day I am alone Save for 1-1 1/2 hours,…

Just Listen – She Hears Your Voice

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Just Listen The trees sit They are patient and kind Evolve Change with the seasons And simply grow They want love too The bird visits It’s life force breathes into the tree The insects crawl They know the tree It’s tiny, private parts They share secrets The slug and spiders Near the button They visit the tree And share their story The Universe speaks in a language we are too…

Change of the Guard

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Changing of the Guard I voted for President Obama twice. I have both agreed and disagreed with his decisions….drilling in unspoiled Alaska, I have applauded his “in your face” back at Putin, and admire his vigilance in China with their claims of now owning international seas, their 5 radar-equipped aircraft carriers….I admire his “take no bs”. I’m aware of political/civilian ramifications….I still want our soldiers out of the Middle East….