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June 7, 2016

My Pitard

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I fell upon my own pitard The one I’d forged with steel Slammed hard It stuck into my upper chest Slid by my heart And broke all rest I pulled it out An awful pain The hole was wide I take the blame I wait, don’t sleep Can’t eat or rest I see, I do not pass the test I can break Be broken too By myself And even you…


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  Yesterday was a truly lovely, enchanting engagement party. So many delightful, kind, good people. Unfortunately, at 2am, my son insisted he was sober enough to drive home…which he was not, and we asked him to stay….I simply walked by him to close the front door… He lashed out at me… Remember….I was sober the entire party…. He said “you ruined the party, you were inappropriate….and so much worse….he said, and…