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May 20, 2016

God Moment

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God Moment My life has been difficult.  I’m 57.  My childhood was horrific with beatings, rape at age 5 (and more later), orphaned at 14 and raised in foster care; that is a summary, it was very bad.  My 20’s were not good either.  My 30’s were happy because I had my children but I also had a husband who had no interest in me and had no job or…

NYC!! The High Line & The Whitney Museum

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NYC is my favorite place!!! So much to see and do! I recently enjoyed a long walk along The High Line on NYC’s east side where the old rail yards used to run. The yards and rails sat in neglect for years until Mayor Bloomberg obtained funding to revitalize the area and make it a public walkway. After enjoying the walk, I ended up at the fabulous Whitney Museum, which…