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April 25, 2016

Boy Toy/Jerk Off

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I coached him when he as 7 or 8 in one of the town soccer teams.  He was one of the best players.  I put him every time; he scored multiple times every game.  He came from Eastern Europe and soccer was his family’s sport….spending summer’s overseas kicking a ball around all summer.  My kids went to parochial school.  He went to public school.  I didn’t see him again until…


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It was about 1977 while I was still at Adelphi University, working part-time as a secretary and I had my own awful apartment in a house.  The woman I rented from was weird and would go into my apartment and inspect my belongings when I wasn’t home.  I knew she had been there because she would tell me.  She would accost me as soon as I came home from work…