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April 16, 2016

Mother’s Nightmare

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1994 First I took my son into the steamy bathroom and sat with him for 10 minutes while he coughed and dragged in for air.  The next step was always to wrap him up in a blanket and take him out into the cold weather, stand on the porch with him and let him breathe the cold air. The change in temperature between the steam and cold air usually helped…

Fighting Gravity….Tips to Be Your Gorgeous Self

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Ladies! I’m 57….fighting gravity!  Here are my tips!   Your hair: if you’re getting gray….highlights baby! Don’t cheap on this! Get a topnotch colorist. Ask for a gloss after the color is rinsed out….it will make your hair shine and protect the color.   Keep your hair soft, silky, fed and healthy….Kerastisse!  Use the Kerastisse shampoo and conditioner; use the hair mask once a week.   Your hair will be…


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Monsters   I don’t completely remember how the subject opened up with Sam but I recall he had been delivering groceries from ShopRite to me for at least a year in 2010 when we first talked about ‘extra money’ from customers. I never feel comfortable paying for service and giving a tip. It’s awkward, and I feel like I really belong in the blue collar/delivery man group. I overcompensate. I…

The Awful Clubs

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The Clubs We Don’t Want To Belong To: When I was 24 I had to go for a follow-up to my breast exam. The doctor had found a mass. He sent to me a specialist. I sat in the waiting room. I sat for a long time. It was uncomfortably quiet. The room was filled solely with women. All somber. As I dared to raise my head and gaze around…