Break on Through to the Other Side

Break on Through To the Other Side

Long days sitting home doing nothing.  Not knowing that my husband, who would come home from work and not speak with me but go upstairs to our bedroom, read and go to bed…was detoxing….I was alone for 2 years defeated that work would could not be found for me in this ageist society.  Empty nest and lonely.  I saw an ad in Time Out Magazine looking for people to hand out fliers for a big lesbian event.  Well, I had/have many lesbian friends….so, I thought, why not…something to do.  And so it began….another fall into a hole.

I will in future posts discuss more about events I attended, high school behavior of adult woman, the incestual behavior of lesbians in NYC who seem to have slept with each other’s girlfriends…later. But I beelined it quick into an inner circle.

Fast forward to just some disasters…

In December 2014 I performed oral sex on a girl in her late 20’s in the bathroom of a women’s gay bar.  We had been dancing and making out on the dance floor.  It was quite spontaneous.  I didn’t know her name.  The bathroom was tiny and the music, along with 80 or so women was just outside the door…it wasn’t private at all.  We didn’t care.  I took off my bra.  I took off her bra.  I took down her pants and knelt on the bathroom floor with the old-fashioned mosaic tiny tiles in throw-up pink.  She leaned against the wall as I stuck my tongue inside her along with my fingers while using my other hand to pull her ass toward my face.  She was moaning.  The more she moaned, the more aggressive I became.  I stood up and kissed her and kept my fingers inside her and made her cum.  She came good and hard.  We both smiled.  Damn, we left the bathroom together and there was a line for the bathroom.  Of course everyone knew – in a gay women’s bar – why two women were taking so long in the bathroom together.  Oh well.  Shit happens.  We went back to the dance floor.  She whispered in my ear that she never did that before.  Well damn.  Neither have I, at least not with a girl.  No, she said.  She had never been with a woman before.  Oh fuck.  So here I am at 56 popping the cherry of a 20-something woman in a bar in the West Village.  I think I’ll find someone else to dance with.

I met Michelle on a random Tuesday night at Henrietta’s on Hudson Street in NYC where I had been many, many times.  I enjoyed going to Henrietta’s.  I could dance and be a free spirit.  The women there were always, always friendly.  The staff was always friendly.  I met some wonderful people.  The theme nights …Karaoke Tuesday, Revolver Saturday, and specialty parties such as the White Party in the summer, the Masquerade Party … well, they were just off the hook fun.

It was 11:30 and I was wide awake and decided to take a taxi into NYC and dance for 2 hours at Hen’s before they closed.

Michelle was there for her birthday.  Skinny, small black girl in a tiny skirt and skin tight top, tiara on top.  We danced. We danced for 3 hours.  The bar was not crowded.  So I decided to leave.  Michelle wanted to leave with me.  Why?  Because it was her birthday!  Wtf do I know? Ok?!  C’mon along.  I’m walking to Stonewall.  Hello, hello?  Kathleen, alert, alert!  The girl cannot even walk.  But I help her.  We get to Stonewall.  I’m on my own there.  I’m no babysitter.  But she’s up my ass.  Hey, you asked to me to take you take you to go somewhere else…so I did…wtf?   If you want to dance, let’s dance or leave me alone.

She gloms on me all night.. then she falls on the floor.  Omg.  Have to pick her up because I brought her in.  I bring her to the back.  I lay her down in the back room of Stonewall on the cushions. She goes to sleep.  I ask her, can I call you a car? She says no.

I party.  I check on her about an hour later…she’s not there..she’s dancing somewhere…she’s downing one Jamieson shot after another.  OMG.  Ok.. this is NOT my problem.  I’m going home. Its 3am

I call Uber.  Guess who wants to come home with me? Michelle?  Fuck my life ……please, please, please.. and it’s middle of summer and I have a big backyard with a heated inground pool and large furniture…so I figure…she can sleep in the backyard…..

So asshole that I am…I bring that the nutcase home…..she throws up in the Uber…I apologize all over the Uber driver…

We get to my house…I offer tea

She strips her clothes off and jumps in the 80 degree pool.  I’m not impressed but bored.  She’s a pain in the ass.  She says…omg, I miss Cali so much.  Am I supposed to be impressed?  Please go away.  She gets out.  I bring out some food.  I’m worried about this nutso girl.  She sits down with her tea and towel…

Starts calling me a bitch….”you think you’re all that, you think you’re better than everyone, you’re a bitch”…omg…can I get this woman out of my house and off my property.

It took 2 hours to get her out.  She would not leave.

And it continued to get worse….more to come.




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